FEATURE FILM GENRE: Action / Sci-fi / Thriller SYNOPSIS: On the edge of George Orwell's worst nightmare, Lee Matthews - an orphaned revolutionary experiences the murder of his friends at the hands of the State and decides he must fight back and stop the oppressive Shadow Initiative. Status: Pre-Production IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5590430 Based on the short film - 'Shadows' Writer/Director: Luke Armstrong Producer: Johnny Sachon Producer: Neil Chordia (Chormedia)
 FEATURE FILM GENRE: Action / Comedy / Thriller SYNOPSIS: A prototype weapon has been stolen by terrorists. Amy, a gung ho MI5 operative, must work with the inventor's protege, Jake, an alcoholic academic, to recover it. They embark on a treasure hunt across London, the clock ticking, to avert certain destruction. Status: Development Writers: Luke Armstrong & Lawrence Parmenter
 FEATURE FILM GENRE: Action / Spy / Thriller SYNOPSIS: A whistle blower goes on the run and is hunted by the full apparatus of the state for what he knows. Can he survive? Based on short film 'The Service'. Status: Development Writers/Director: Luke Armstrong

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